A Perfect Storm.

Our Week 27 Project Pal featured pup had gone unnoticed at the MCACC Shelter for the past two months. Fortunately for her, the team at One Love AZ spotted her among the hundreds of dogs at the County Shelter.  This dog has been evaluated and is one of the recent sponsored dogs under the One Love AZ Shelter Dog Program!

So now, knowing that our friends at One Love (who also happen to know literally everything about dogs) have decided that this pup would be a GREAT member of a family, we have decided to help give her additional exposure to hopefully find her the perfect family.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Storm! Storm is four years old and is currently being cared for at MCACC East Shelter.  After doing a little bit of Facebook stalking on her yep, you read that correctly…I FB stalked a dog. That is what my life has come to. I dug up a little background story on her.  Turns out Storm was found on the freeway running through through the reservation.  It took a whole army of kindhearted people (who pulled over) to keep Storm and the other pup they found her with from crossing traffic on the freeway!

The gal who found them says they were able to put leashes on the two dogs easily and it was clear the dogs were used to being around people and are socialized. Storm shared food with the other dog nicely and they licked and kissed the gal who found them. Get this, Storm and the other dog fell asleep on the side of the freeway cuddled on top of one another while they waited for over an hour to be picked up. Here’s a pic of the two (on the side of the road)…


Turns out Storm’s friend/brother/boyfriend/companion was rescued recently, and now she is solo at the Shelter. When I asked our friends at One Love to tell us a little bit about her there was a general theme with their Storm experiences. They all emphasized how calm, gentle, sweet, and loving she is. We are told she has a good temperament and handles easily. Her spirit is great, and she is not reactive to dogs going around the play yard.

Also, get this. The notes when she was found said she cuddled with the other dog on the ride in to the county shelter. I mean, it just does not get any more precious than that!

The notes on Storm’s chart say “Total Love!! ❤ “, “Knows Sit!”, “great on leash, loves to sit in your lap!”.

Help us give Storm the opportunity to find her Forever Home.  All you have to do is share her.

Her animal ID is A3765676. If you want to meet her, let us know and we will hook you up with the One Love Team and they will help make the meet & greet easy for you!

Photo credit: TR Young Photography

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