Sandy <3

Some dogs come with stipulations, “must be an only dog”, “no kids” etc…it can oftentimes present a challenge when it comes to finding a dog a home. BUT, that is definitely NOT the case with this week’s featured dog, Sandy.  If there was an award for being pretty much perfect all-around…it would go to Sandy.

She is super friendly with people, and is as solid as they come with other dogs. We recently heard two of the most heart-warming stories about Sandy.  The first was about a dog-intro that she had last weekend with a chihuahua! Turns out, the little rascal had a bit of an attitude and when Sandy solicited play (very appropriately, play bowing with her bum in the air), the chihuahua bit her face….and Sandy just looked around like um? What just happened here? The handler doing the intro was so impressed with her disposition that he text us all and basically said, “Sandy is perfect, we need to find her a home.” So, alas…that’s what we are doing!

Sandy not only loves the company of other dogs, she also loves people. She is always seeking attention, and happy to meet new people with a perma-wag! Sandy actually ended up at Almost There Foster Care via Maricopa County Animal Care.  She showed up at the shelter pregnant, and since ATFC and MCAC are pals, ATFC took Sandy in, helped her through her delivery, and gave her a safe, clean, and quiet place to raise her babies.  Now that her babes are all gone, it’s time for Sandy to find a home of her own. Puppy season is literally upon us, and it’s so important that we find homes for the mamas at ATFC who no longer have babies to care for so that we can help free up kennel space for all the incoming mamas with brand new babies.

Sandy is currently sharing a suite at ATFC with fellow mama, Helga! Helga is a little shy and gains confidence from Sandy…we were told that Helga and Sandy had separate kennels next to each other, but the caretakers would wake up in the morning, and they’d find that Helga would somehow climb into Sandy’s kennel so they could be together, happy as little clams… ❤

What we said at the beginning of this blog is true….Sandy is as good as it gets. She is sweet as pie, and is essentially a just-add-water type dog.  And since Richard at One Love has fallen hard for Sandy, he offered to extend free post-adoption training and support to Sandy as well!

So, if you are in the market for the perfect dog…we have found her. You can meet her by emailing

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