Looking for Lucky’s Luck

Lucky is a handsome eight-year old who has been well, let’s say unfortunately not so lucky. Six months ago, Lucky and his equally adorable brother, King, came to MCACC East as seasoned seniors. We honestly can’t think of any good reasons as to why he hasn’t been adopted yet so we wanted to help this fella out as this week’s PAL. We sure are feelin’ lucky about his chances – read more to find out why!


Lucky is so smart and obedient. He knows his name extremely well and listens to basically every command (if we could all be so LUCKY ;)). He knows how to sit, stay, roll over, shake, etc. He is also potty trained and walks calmly on a leash so basically adopting Lucky is like adopting the perfect pup. As part of One Love Pit Bull Foundation’s shelter dog program, Lucky attends training classes. And let us tell you… this guy is a S-T-A-R. He LOVES to learn and does so very quickly. He kind of makes me want to sell “My dog is a star student” bumper stickers but that’s besides the point…

Lucky is also extremely affectionate and loyal. He is such a sweet guy and looking at that face honestly melts our hearts. He also loves to play and enjoys a nice tennis ball or two <3.

Six months at the shelter is making this fella a little anxious so we would love to see Lucky given the opportunity to live out his golden years in a loving home environment. His brother, King, is also still available for adoption. They are not required to be adopted together, but thanks to a One Love sponsor adoption, you will only pay for one adoption if you adopt these two cuties together (King pictured below on the right).


In case you weren’t convinced, we summarized just a few of Lucky’s amazing qualities below…

L – listens to you

U – unconditional lover

C – comes with training, a microchip, and a brother (optional)

K – kissable face

Y – your new best friend

So head over to MCACC East (2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway. Mesa, AZ 85201) and bring Lucky home (his ID is A3993232). You will have hit the Jackpot!!

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