Yo Momma…

Yo Momma is so cute, just gazing into her eyes makes our hearts melt!


But on a serious note,  Momma is our super adorable and smiley PAL of the week! She is estimated to be about 3 years old and is affectionate. She participates in the “gently and dainty” play group, which means she prefers a more refined dog interaction, and isn’t interested in rough housing.  Momma definitely enjoys the more laid back dogs!

While she may be selective towards certain dogs, she has previously lived with other dogs, so while a dog intro is required prior to adoption to ensure Momma will be a fantastic fit to her new fur-ever home, there is definitely potential for her to have pup siblings!! Did we mention how beautiful she is?! Just take a look at her silky black coat.. but plot twist, when you look closely you see subtle stripes!


You guys, did we mention that Momma is good on a leash? That means a new PIC for super adventures like hiking or going to your favorite local pet friendly restaurant. Just brace yourself for this cute face pictured below… trying to flirt her way into getting a bite of whatever you are eating.

23414566_10102732956121381_65995292_n (1)

 But inevitably you may cave in and casually look around hoping no one saw you give in to the most adorable pup.. whoops!


Momma and Bennie

Did we mention how great Momma is?! Well, we are about to continue some more! She is such a sweetheart and just wants to find her spot next to her human. Wait until you take her home to see her and her random spouts of zoomies! Momma is sponsored under the One Love which means that she comes home microchipped and FREE yes, FREE post adoption training to help further bonding and enhance her skills! She is located at MCACC East in Mesa, her ID is A381146

We know you can’t resist this face!

Momma is at MCAC East on Rio Salado and the 101. Her ID is A3811466

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