Someone pick Nelson for all future walks!

This post was written before we found out Nelson was adopted:

During Lizette’s week, one of the volunteers at MCACC East Shelter was helping us with obtaining photos and details for Lizette’s promotion. Through that new friendship, it was suggested that we participate in the Hope Whispers walk at MCACC. I showed up that Sunday at 8:30am with Justin & my mom to walk the pups at the shelter.

When it came time to pull dogs from their kennels to go out for a walk, I headed down the aisle and the gentleman helping with the process lead me to Nelson’s kennel. Unlike the other dogs in his wing (who were jumping up and down barking for attention), Nelson was just laying on his bed quietly.

Nelson’s demeanor immediately changed once he was on his leash and we were headed for the door to freedom. I am pretty sure we were in an all out sprint towards that door probably more my doing than his but he didn’t object. You guys, he is SO dang cute. As soon as we were out of the shelter he was this happy-go-lucky, sweet, all-around perfect little buddy.  I honestly didn’t want to return him to his kennel, EVER, but felt like since I was there to walk dogS, I should really walk more than one sweet soul.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this particular dog.  While I ❤ all dogs, Nelson just won me over immediately. He also warmed Justin’s heart and my mom’s as well. Justin could not get over how good-looking Nelson is there were a few moments when I thought I saw a shred of hope that Justin might let me take Nelson home.

Nelson showed absolutely NO signs of any sort of fear, aggression etc. He seemed VERY happy and interested to see other dogs and people of course. Honestly, this guy just wants to play.  He’s only a year old and is adorable in every possible way. After our lengthy walk during which I accidentally trespassed into the Cubs Spring Training Stadium, we sat out in the grassy area on Rio Salado and just dog/people watched. He was so content just hanging out and every once in a while, he’d remember I was sitting with him and he’d come right up to me and kiss my face. (photo below for reference) I took him to the play yard after our walk so he could be off-leash for a bit and again, he was a delight. I ❤ Nelson so much.

Here’s the interesting bit…..when I finally went to return him to his kennel to get another dog, the volunteer helping put the dogs away asked if I was sure Nelson belonged in that wing. I was. Mostly because I am OCD and a rule follower and I knew exactly where they had instructed me to pick up & drop off. They didn’t remember sweet Nelson, but found my ID card hanging from an empty kennel (belonging to Nelson!). Back he went. I wrote a note on Nelson’s bio paper on his kennel so potential adopters might read it and give him a chance to get out of the kennel.  Later that day, MCACC featured Nelson on their Facebook page!  It was so interesting, TWO different people commented that they had just been to the MCACC shelter the day before and couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen Nelson there. Of course I made sure to respond being obnoxious with excessive unsolicted Nelson-promo.

This blog post was actually never published until today, because…well Nelson was adopted the day we sponsored him.  But, alas he is somehow back at the shelter two months later.  I’m telling you, this dog is a dream.  He is at MCACC East Shelter and his ID is A3721498.


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